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The Church In The Mountains is a non-denominational Bible oriented church located at 100 Davis St. in Fort Davis Texas.  It comfortably seats about 50 people in a relaxed informal atmosphere.  Casual dress is always welcome.  A separate Baptismal Hall is located adjacent to the church.  Skeet&Connie Jo 2

All services are presided by Pastor Eric 'Skeet' Boyd, who has been with us since 2011.

As a non-denominational Christian church, we guide and teach our congregation in accordance with to the Holy Bible.  We don't engage in man-made rituals or endless incantations, just the Word of God as revealed in the Holy Bible.

We invite all who are interested in really knowing Jesus, salvation, forgiveness, healing, and accepting the Holy Spirit as your personal teacher and guide to attend and partake.

Sunday Service at 10:00 am

Wednesday Bible Study at 6:30 pm

Thursday Women's Bible Study 9:30 am


Sunday School for children is held concurrent with the regular service, and refreshments are available to all following the service.


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          Despite God’s judgment of sin with the flood, as the family lines were created, people still chose to sin and ignore God except for a handful of people who really tried to follow God, which leads us to Abram.

         Abram was in a time of transition. After his father passed, he moved to Canaan.  At this point he was in a transition time waiting for God to tell him what was to happen next. God will put us in times of transition where we are to seek Him and learn to trust Him, and by doing this and following His will, when He calls on us, we will be ready. God called on Abram and told him to leave what he knew and God would bless him and make him a great nation, and Abram himself will be a blessing. And in Abram, all the families of the earth will be blessed, anyone who curses Abram will be cursed themselves and those who bless Abram will be blessed themselves. Abram chose to step out in faith, leave the comfort of his home and family and trust in God. This is easier said than done, but when we step out in faith, God sees it and He helps us every step of the way.

          Abram took his wife, nephew, and the people who chose to follow to the land of Canaan. Abram passed through Canaan to the small town of Shechem.  The Canaanites were there, but God told Abram that his descendants will be given this land from God, and there Abram built an alter to the Lord. Then he moved to the mountains east of Bethel and put an altar there as well; then kept journeying south.

          Alters were used in many religions, but for God’s people it had a different meaning. They were more than just a place for sacrifices.   For God’s people it was a place that symbolized communion with God and was a place people could have encounters with Him. They were built of rough stones and earth, and would remain in place for years as reminders of God’s protection and promises. Regular worship reminds us of God’s desires and helps us to obey Him.

          After this point there was a famine in the land, and Abram went down to Egypt. This was seen as a test, God moved Abram to a land that was then hit with a famine, but Abram passed the test and didn't question Gods plan for him. Instead he used the intelligence God gave him and waited in Egypt for the famine to leave. However, Abram lost faith for a moment and out of fear made Sarai, his wife, lie to the pharaoh about who Abram was to her. Abram thought they would kill him so they could have his wife because she was so beautiful, so instead of trusting in God he acted out of fear and lied, saying it was his sister. So Pharaoh took Sarai and blessed

Abram, her “brother” with animals for food and was later shown by God who Sarai was when the famine struck there. Pharaoh knew that Sarai wasn't Abrams sister and sent them both on their way hoping God would make the famine leave them.

          When Abram lied, his sins multiplied, sinning just builds up more sin. When we are tempted to operate in fear take a step back and remember how things got worse for Abram by choosing to sin rather than trust in God.

          Chapter 10 is a short chapter and it’s all about the family line from the sons of Noah, which is why we will include chapter 11 in this week’s bible study.

          Chapter 11 begins by telling us that the whole earth had one language and one speech. Could you imagine how easy that would be to communicate with everyone?  Language barriers can make it hard to share God’s word and to hear God’s word, imagine a time when everyone had no language barriers and they could easily spread the gospel together. But this isn't what the people chose to do, instead of using their lack of a language barrier to bring people closer to

God, they chose to build a huge tower that would show their skill and honor rather than the Lord’s. God didn't like this. He didn't like that the people chose to use their time and language to promote themselves in a materialistic item rather than to honor God and share His word. So

God chose to confuse their language to force them to spend more time on learning to communicate with His people rather than to build materialistic items that honored people and pushed God out of the picture. This tower was called Babel, which means a confused sound.

Many people today are guilty of building their own “towers”, but in other ways, like buying expensive clothes, big houses, fancy cars, or placing their careers on a pedestal and replacing God. We all need clothes and a place to live, but when we put the desire or “need” for something that pushes us farther from God, then it creates our own Babel. For example, ask

God what job He wants you to have and He will honor you with that job and it will be great. But if you take God out of the picture and climb the job ladder on your own merit and spend all this time on a job that God maybe didn't even have picked out for you, you are creating your own tower of confusion. Things are so much better for us when we follow Gods plan for us rather than our own. We should put God first, seek His guidance and ask Him what He wants for us and it'll be far better then creating our own towers and doing things on our own merit without God. What “towers” do you have in your life?

          The chapter ends with some more genealogy that then leads us to the birth of Abram which will take us into Genesis chapter 12.

          God blessed Noah and his sons and told them to be fruitful and multiply, and gave them dominion over every animal on the earth, but not to murder man. God created everything on the

Earth, and he breathed the breath of life into man which is why He made it clear to go ahead and live off of the animals on the earth, but to never murder a human that He breathed his breath of life into.

          To prove his covenant with Noah, He created the rainbow to follow the rain to ensure His promise that He will never again flood the entire earth.

          They began to repopulate the earth, and Noah became a farmer and planted a vineyard, and got drunk. This is an example that even people who follow God will still be tempted to sin, but because God’s followers can give the temptation to God, they have a way to escape the sin.

Noah gave into the sin and got drunk, which became a chain reaction to his children. Sin doesn't just affect you; it affects the ones around you as well. His son saw him passed out naked and laughed at his father and told his brothers, who then went in and turned away to not see their father naked and to cover him up. When Noah awoke he knew which son (Canaan) had mocked him and showed his disrespect to him and God, since even though Noah was sinning, he was a man of God, and cursed him for it and prayed that his other sons would be blessed. Noah saw this mockery as evil that was in his son’s heart and knew that the evil could be passed down to his children as well, it’s common to copy what you learn from your parents.

          God can break any cycle, which is important to draw from this, if Canaan had felt remorse for mocking his dad and turned to God for forgiveness and asked that the meanness be taken from him, it could have changed his outcome.

          God knows what’s in our hearts, but we need to remember that although we might find an incident like this silly, when we mock a man of God, that is a representation of mocking God.

When we feel like making fun of someone we need to try to make that feeling go away, cast it out, ask God for help to not think that way and to be understanding and compassionate rather than to mock.  Mocking can appear as harmless, but to the one receiving the mockery it can cut deep and really hurt them emotionally.

          Another thing to learn from this is to not be so quick to judge someone for their sins, after all, it is not our place to judge, it’s our place to give it to God and let His way prevail. We should never judge, especially if we are sinning at the exact moment of inflicting judgment, it makes people see Christians as hypocrites. Many people have turned away from Christianity because of the Christians who judge others for sinning but then go and sin themselves. We need to not judge and give it to God, and when we see someone sin, pray for God to help them, and when we sin ask for forgiveness and ask God to help us. No one is perfect but God, no one has the right to judge except God.