In the first sentence of this chapter we learn that Satan disguised himself as a serpent, and was more cunning than any of the beasts of the field that the Lord God had made. This shows us that Satan can disguise himself to try to tempt you, if he would have showed up in his true form, Eve may not have fallen for his trick, but in a disguise she was led to listen and fell into sin. The word cunning means to have skill in achieving something by deceit. Satan will lie and manipulate to try to get you to fall into sin, or to doubt and fall into fear. Satan convinced Eve to disobey God’s only command, she ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and then also fed Adam of the same tree, which caused their eyes to be open and they were no longer protected from the evil that Satan brought into the world from his fall.

            God called unto Adam and Eve and they hid because they were embarrassed and ashamed due to them being naked. When they told God why they were hiding God knew that they disobeyed His only command because now they had the knowledge to know and feel evil and all side effects from it. You see, God didn't want Adam and Eve to ever feel any negative emotion. He never wanted them to live with embarrassment, guilt, fear, anxiety, stress or anything else that Satan tries to put on us. All they had to do was obey God and they would live in peace, with happiness and joy.

            God punished Satan and deemed him cursed. Eve was punished by receiving painful childbirth and was to obey her husband and he would rule over her. Adam received cursed grounds and no longer was able to walk with God.  Adam was no longer pure and righteous and lost his relationship with God. They unknowingly gave up their relationship and joy with God, and received everything that Satan threw their way. When Satan tempts us he never tells us the consequences or even the whole truth, he tells you the part that interests you enough to get you to sin and not a word more. For example, he may convince you it’s a blast to go out one night and get drunk at a bar, he will drop all kinds of fun thoughts of you letting lose and having a great time to where you begin to crave it. What he doesn't tell you is what can happen when you are drunk at a bar and not able to control your actions; you could cheat on your spouse, cause a bar fight, drive home drunk or say a bunch of stuff you didn't mean and would never say sober. He also doesn't tell you the consequences of what can happen after these things may be done; divorce, unplanned pregnancy, being arrested or just plain embarrassed. There are always consequences to sin, so when God gives us guidelines to protect us from the bad that could happen, we should listen.

           God made clothes for Adam and Eve and then the personal relationship and the chance to walk with God was temporarily gone. Any time you are tempted to sin, think about what could happen after, think of the worst case scenario and ask yourself if it’s even worth it. Also realize, when you choose to sin you are choosing not to walk with God, and when you aren't walking with God you aren't protected by God and Satan is waiting to attack, it’s his only job and he is patient and has nothing better to do. When tempted to sin pray for God to give you strength to overcome this attack and ask God to remove the desire to do whatever sin you are being tempted with.