Adam and Eve had two sons in this chapter, Cain and Abel. Abel was a keeper of the sheep and Cain was a tiller of the ground. One day Cain and Abel brought God offerings, however God was not pleased with Cain’s, only Abel’s. Cain was very angry and instead of trying to do better he chose to feed into the anger and began to lose his composure. God addressed this behavior and asked Cain why he was getting mad when his offering wasn't good, and why he wasn't choosing to just do better next time. Cain didn't like that God wasn't pleased with his offering or his anger so one day Cain took the anger out on his brother and killed him.

            God asked Cain where Abel was and Cain lied and told God he didn't know. But God made it clear to Cain that he knows Abel was dead and that Cain was guilty. God told Cain that because of his sin, he will be cursed and the ground will no longer give him harvest, and he will be a fugitive on the run. When we face the consequences of our sins, we can let it drag us down deeper and allow it to ruin our life, or we can rise above it and grow stronger and more knowledgeable from the situation. God wanted Cain to rise above this and feel remorse and repent for what he did, but Cain wouldn't even acknowledge that what he did was that bad, his pride was blinding him. When we see ourselves in a situation where we messed up, don’t allow pride to grow and keep you from making things right, this is how we grow.

            Because Eve chose to sin, and then her husband followed suit, the sin was passed on to their kids and every generation. Without God we fall into sin, with God we can overcome sin. Two groups were formed following Adam and Eve, those who fell into sin and chose sin (Cain), and those who tried to please God (Abel). These two groups are still very present today, which group do you fall in? Do you fall into sin easily, or do you seek God and aim to please him and avoid sin?

            Adam and Eve had another son named Seth; Seth would take Abel’s place as the leader of a line of God's faithful people. Seth had a son named Enoch and the men began to call on the name of the Lord again.