This chapter begins with God telling Noah to now go into the ark to be saved because he was righteous in the Lord, and to take with him his family, seven each of every clean animal(male and female), two each of animals that are unclean (male and female) and seven each of birds of the air (male and female). God warned that in seven more days He will cause it to rain on the Earth for forty days and forty nights and destroy all living things that he has made on the earth (except the animals on the ark and Noah’s family) to start new without sin. Scholars have noted that the estimated amount of animals on the ark to be almost 45,000.

         Noah and his family, and all the animals two by two entered the ark as God commanded and after seven days passed the waters of the flood were on the Earth. It states here that Noah at this time was six hundred years old. To compare the life span of people in the bible to today’s time is entirely different. In the bible it mentions often that people live to be well over a hundred and even two hundred years old, whereas today it’s common to see people pass away before they turn one hundred. In my opinion, this is a good example of how sin has an effect on the world that God created.

        The rain fell from heaven and the water flooded the land for forty days and forty nights, destroying all sin around. The flood waters became high enough to lift the ark well above the land, keeping in mind how big the ark was (a football field and a half in length and four stories high) lets us imagine exactly how high the flood waters were, all of the high hills were covered in water. The bible tells us that the flood continued for forty days; however water prevailed on the earth for one hundred and fifty days, destroying every living thing of flesh on the land, except for those on the ark.

        This shows us just how powerful God is, and how He truly is in charge of everything. Mankind turned from God and was judged for it; however Noah didn't turn from God. Noah turned to God and was the only one left who trusted him which is why God spared him and his family. God will protect and save the ones who choose to follow Him, to the ones who decide not to follow God, they are left to face difficulties on their own.