Chapter 10 is a short chapter and it’s all about the family line from the sons of Noah, which is why we will include chapter 11 in this week’s bible study.

          Chapter 11 begins by telling us that the whole earth had one language and one speech. Could you imagine how easy that would be to communicate with everyone?  Language barriers can make it hard to share God’s word and to hear God’s word, imagine a time when everyone had no language barriers and they could easily spread the gospel together. But this isn't what the people chose to do, instead of using their lack of a language barrier to bring people closer to

God, they chose to build a huge tower that would show their skill and honor rather than the Lord’s. God didn't like this. He didn't like that the people chose to use their time and language to promote themselves in a materialistic item rather than to honor God and share His word. So

God chose to confuse their language to force them to spend more time on learning to communicate with His people rather than to build materialistic items that honored people and pushed God out of the picture. This tower was called Babel, which means a confused sound.

Many people today are guilty of building their own “towers”, but in other ways, like buying expensive clothes, big houses, fancy cars, or placing their careers on a pedestal and replacing God. We all need clothes and a place to live, but when we put the desire or “need” for something that pushes us farther from God, then it creates our own Babel. For example, ask

God what job He wants you to have and He will honor you with that job and it will be great. But if you take God out of the picture and climb the job ladder on your own merit and spend all this time on a job that God maybe didn't even have picked out for you, you are creating your own tower of confusion. Things are so much better for us when we follow Gods plan for us rather than our own. We should put God first, seek His guidance and ask Him what He wants for us and it'll be far better then creating our own towers and doing things on our own merit without God. What “towers” do you have in your life?

          The chapter ends with some more genealogy that then leads us to the birth of Abram which will take us into Genesis chapter 12.