Abraham had journeyed to the south where he dwelt with his wife, but he told everyone that she was his sister. He sensed trouble and feared they would be in trouble but he figured if he could marry his “sister” away then they would be treated better. The bible says this is the second time he did this, meaning he didn't learn the first time he chose to sin to handle his fear by lying.  There are certain sins that each of us are more tempted with than others, with Abraham this was once of his struggles, but the way God handled the situation shows Gods mercy, love and protection.

        Abraham told Abimelech, king of Gerar, that he could have his “sister” as his wife. That night God spoke to Abimelech and warned him that Sarah was not Abrahams sister, but his wife, and that if he slept with her he would surely die. Abimelech begged God for forgiveness and told God that he was lied too and didn't know, so God told him that Abraham is a prophet and if he lets Sarah go then no harm will come to him.  So the next morning Abimelech called in his servants and Abraham and yelled at him for putting him in this position to unknowingly sin. He then gave Abraham money, servants, animals and his wife back and  allowed him to dwell within his city. We can learn from Abimelech how to listen to God well, if someone does harm against you intentionally, it is hard to want to be the bigger person and turn away let alone bless them at the same time. But God told Abimelech to make it right and he did so, he was able to dismiss his pride and anger and follow through with what God wanted, he said no to his fleshly desires to feel justified and obeyed God.

        Despite Abrahams second time of lying to feel safe and to take matters into his own hands with sinning, God made the situation right. God told Abimelech who Sarah was before a bigger sin was done, them sleeping with each other. God also secured Abraham and Sarah with safety and protection to get them out of the situation that Abraham put them in. Abraham assumed that Abimelech was wicked and chose to sin for his safetly, we never need to do this, God will protect us all we need to do is go to Him when we feel conflicted rather than turn to sin.

        Abraham then prayed to God for healing on behalf of Abimelech, his wife and his female servants and they all bore children. God had closed up all the wombs in the house because Sarah was there and sin was being created, once the situation was made right and they all followed God, they were all fruitful and multiplied. Abimelech had no idea he was sinning but he was still suffering from the sin, sin is poison and whether a person knows it or not if they partake in it they will still suffer the side effects of it. If you eat a poisonous food item you will have a bad reaction, sin is like this. Sometimes you won't even know you are sinning but thats why its important to always go to God for guidance so you can stay away from sin.