This chapter is short but hard to fathom, it takes a lot to really understand what Abraham was asked to do, and what God ultimately had to do for us. God wanted to test Abrahams commitment to him, and commanded Abraham to take his one and only son 50 miles to Mount  Moriah and sacrifice him as a burnt offering. God wanted to know that He was first, before anything or anyone else in Abrahams life. This is a very hard thing to think about, thank God we have Jesus and will not have to be tested like this. But realize, this is what God had to do with His one and only son for us, so we can have eternal salvation.

        Sometimes, there are things in our lives that we will have to give up to be closer to God. We  wont have to be tested like this and sacrifice our children, but to grow closer to God sometimes we need to give up people or things that pull us further from God. This wasn't the case with Abraham, God was specifically testing his obedience.

        Abraham followed God's orders and as he went to sacrifice his son, he was stopped and God provided a ram to sacrifice instead.  Abraham called this place, The Lord Will Provide, and the Lord blessed Abraham for his commitment and obedience. Take time this week to think of things that could be in your life that possibly need to be eliminated to grow closer to God. Think of what God had to give up for us, and what Abraham was willing to give up for God and really think of what could be eliminated from your life to show action to grow closer to God. Thank God we will never have to give up something as important as a child. Our list is probably less serious like tv, alcohol, circle of friends etc. How much easier it is for us to show God what we are willing to give up to grow closer to Him.