Abraham was getting old and wanted to find a bride for his son, Isaac, but was too old to travel to the land he originally came from to get a bride. He didn't want Isaac marrying a local girl where they lived, he wanted Isaac to live there in the land God gave them, but to marry a girl of their line. Abraham wanted obey God fully, not partially. Back then it was customary for the parents to find a bride for their son, but because Abraham was getting old he sent his servant for him.

        Abrahams servant asked God to show him the right bride for Isaac when he arrived to their original home land, he asked God to have the girl offer to not just get him water (which was customary) but to get water for his camels as well. He wanted to make sure that the bride for Isaac was kind and generous and would go above and beyond to serve someone. It was customary to offer a traveler some water but not their camels, camels drank a lot of water and that would have been a lot of work. So when Rebekah approached the well and offered the servant and his camels water, he knew that was the woman that God had sent for Isaac.

        The servant went to Rebekahs home and explained everything to her family and they offered her up for marriage to Isaac. They returned shortly and Rebekah wed Isaac and was able to comfort him after the passing of his mother.

        Abrahams servant teaches us how to seek God in all things, especially in important things.  Finding the right wife for Isaac was very important and wasn't taken lightly. We need to remember to seek Gods guidance in all things too. Now days, arranged marriages aren't the common way to find a spouse, and with all the dating apps out there it really has changed the way people find their spouse. This is a very important area where Gods guidance needs to be seeked. Divorce isn't an easy thing, it means something has failed, but this can be avoided by marrying the one that God has chosen for you. He can save you a lot of trouble if you seek His guidance first, rather than try to achieve it on your own.

        With God, the impossible becomes possible. Back then, it wasn't customary for a servant to show up to a town where his master didn't even live, to find a bride for his masters son. This was an unusual thing and for most would have ended up with a solid no. But God makes the unrealistic happen when its according to His plan for you.