As they continued their travels Jacob saw angels of God, and he told the angels that his camp was Gods. Jacob then sent messengers to go talk to his brother Esau to let him know that Jacob was coming and had animals and servants and was ready to return home. When Jacobs messengers returned he was frightened by Esau’s response, that he was coming to meet Jacob with four-hundred men. Jacob didn't know what to do and was scared his brother still wanted to kill him, so he took half of all he owned and dived everything, even the people and said that if Esau killed one group then hopefully the other half would be able to escape unnoticed. He then prayed for God to protect him from his brother.

            Because Jacob tricked Esau into giving up his birthright, and then tricked their father by stealing Esau’s blessing, he didn't exactly have a safe home to go home too. He not only had to leave his mom twenty years ago but was never guaranteed peace when he returned. Had he just let Gods plan unfold he could have the same outcome but the journey to it would have been less chaotic and messy.

            Fearing the reunion Jacob sent a messenger out with gift first, hoping this would please his brother if there was still hatred present. That night Jacob sent his two wives, two female servants and his eleven sons and sent them onward. Then, the bible says that he wrestled with man all night until the man blessed him. The notes say he was wrestling with God, and that he was desperate for God to bless him so after showing his persistance God changed his name from Jacob to Israel, one who struggles or wrestles with God. Up till now, Jacob had a habit of achieving Gods plan through sin, now was the time for him to turn to God and put the sinning tendencies behind him.

            We may feel like we know what is best for us, but we dont know the future, only God does. Only He knows what is best for us, so we must always seek not only his solution for us in situation but how he wants us to solve the situation along the journey. We not only want the same solution, but we also want the same journey that God wants for us.