Jacob finally runs into his brother Esau, and was shocked to see that Esau was happy to see Jacob, and no longer felt a grudge towards him. The time apart had allowed Esau to heal and forgive his brother for what he had done to him. Jacob insisted Esau take the gifts of animals he gave him and Esau reluctantly took it but said it wasn't needed, he had all that he needed.

            Being too close to someone can sometimes create irritation, which if we feed into it can lead to bitterness and resentment. Sometimes its good to give yourself space when you feel irritated, and ask God to remove the irritation from you so you can keep your peace of mind. With these brothers who constantly were competing for their fathers love and blessings, some space apart seemed to do them good. Esau no longer wanted to kill Jacob, and he was even happy to see
            Jacob told Esau that he would meet him in their hometown, but instead settled in a place called Succoth, just a little ahead of where Esau lived. It doesn't say why he did this, but maybe it was for the best having a little distance between them to keep the peace and not step on each others toes. Jacob was finally home though, and the fear he had from his brother for the past twenty years was finally put to rest. This is why its always best to solve an issue if possible rather than let it linger, no one wants to feel those negative emotions creep in for twenty years. Yes, time can be good and space after a disagreement, but too much time can also keep the issue as a foothold.