The chapter begins by Jacob listening to God and goingg to Bethel to make an altar their to God. But before he did this he made everyone with him get rid of all their idols and pagan related items. Pagans used the idols as their gods, and some of Jacobs people had idols as well, but for different reasons. They believed them to be not gods but good luck charms, regardless Jacob demanded they all be removed because they could come in-between them and and their faith. He also made the women get rid of earrings, back then earrings were considered good luck charms to ward off evil, another pagan tradition.

            Today, earrings represent something pretty women wear, its as simple as that. However, today we have other spiritual idols in our lives that need to be removed. It may not be physical item but something that comes before our relationship with God is considered an idol. If we watch too much tv and that is more important than our relationship with God, we need to playfully asked if its in a sense an “idol that needs to be removed”. Television isn't bad, but if it consumes your time leaving nothing for God, than its problematic. What are your idols?

            God appeared to Jacob and blessed him, and changed his name to Isreal, which means to struggle with God. There is meaning to a person and their name, and God wanted to show Jacob that he was a man of God, and though he struggled he still seeked God. Christian life wont be perfect, no ones life will be perfect, however we can maintain the peace and joy that God has blessed us with by choosing how we react to situations. If we choose to stay in Gods peace and seek him, we will stay blessed no matter what the circumstances may be. God then told Jacob to be fruitful and multiply, that many nations would come from him.

            At the end of the chapter it explains that Rachel died during childbirth. Its important to remember that this was before Jesus came and died on the cross, during this time people had to live by the law and weren't fortunate, yet, to live in faith and grace through what Jesus did on the cross.  How blessed we are that we the holy spirit to guide and direct us, so that we can keep our relationship with God through Jesus and live by grace and not by the law.