The scribes and pharisees were always out to get Jesus, this time it was by accusing the disciples of not washing their hands before eating their bread. The scribes and pharisees added to Gods commandments (which man should never do) and they created new laws to add ‘in addition too’. They confronted Jesus about this and Jesus flipped it back on them asking why they care so much about this man made law when they break an actual commandment of God. God commands everyone to honor their mother and father. However, some of the scribes and pharisees were practicing their law of Corban which was a vow to dedicate their money to God’s temple that would have otherwise gone to supporting their parents. We are to obey Gods commandments and for some that could mean taking care of their parents financially one day. But what Jesus was pointing out was that these men were not supporting their parents because they were instead serving a man made law and giving the money away to Gods temple. Dont mix this with tithing, that is different. Tithing is good and we should tithe, but this was more about the fact that the scribes and pharisees were being hypocrites. They were walking around trying to condemn the disciples for not serving one of their laws when they were breaking one of Gods actual commandments. God loves when we tithe, but He still wants us to honor our mother and father, He will never make us choose between His way and honoring our parents. His path and way for us will never contradict His commandments or His will. Whatever He asks of you will always match up with His word.

            Isaiah prophecied that there would be hypocrites who pretend to draw near to God with their mouths yet their heart is far from God. Jesus declared this was what that prophecy was about. God knows our heart and our intentions behind every act and thought we do. Picture this, Jesus is inside of you, what you see and think He is also seeing and viewing your thoughts. So if you tithe for example because you want God to bless you and not because you actually want to make Him happy and help others, He knows it. If you are watching a tv show, He is watching it with you (this will help you to really examine what you watch and how you spend your time, which is good!).

            Jesus told everyone around that it isn’t what you eat that defiles you, for whatever goes in your mouth goes into your stomach and then has an exit plan. But what comes out of your mouth comes from your heart and that is what can defile you. For out of the heart proceeds evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness and blasphemies. These are the things that defiles a man. This is why we need God, and why we should pray for a renewing of the mind and should draw need to Him, because we truly need Him.

            Then Jesus departed and went to Tyre and Sidon. A gentile woman came to Him asking for Him to help her demon possessed daughter. He didn’t answer her though, He remained quiet, to see what she would do, if she would give up or keep up with her faith and to also see what the disciples would do. The gentiles were called dogs by the Jews, and not in the derogatory way it comes off as in english. In greek, the word dog is kuon which means wild cur, or unclean. Non-Jews were considered so unspiritual and often pagan that being near them made you unclean by affiliation. But a lot of Jesus teaching involved turning prejudices around. In this time, His duty was to the people of Isreal first, so that they could then go and share the gospel with the world, the gentiles. It wasn’t that Jesus didn’t want to help the woman, it was that He was on a mission for God and the timing had to be Gods timing and that meant preach to the children of Israel first. But Jesus saw a teaching moment and in that stayed quiet to test what the gentle would do and what the disciples would do. The disciples urged Jesus to send her away so Jesus responded by stating that He was sent to the lost sheep of the house of Isreal.

            The woman continued to beg and Jesus said, ‘It is not good to take the children’s bread and show it to the little dogs.” Keep in mind here, this doesn’t mean an insult like it would today of someone called you a dog. A small dog in greek was kunarion, meaning pet dog, this is different than dog, which in greek again is kuon referring to being unclean and wild. He didn’t call her unclean or spiritually wild, He called her almost like a pet here, something that needs to be taken care of and fed. He saw her faith. She responded in saying that even little dogs will eat the bread crumbs which fall from their masters table. Jesus responding by saying how great is this woman faith! And to let it be done to her as she desires. Her daughter was healed that very hour. Jesus teaches in parables and this was another way to teach His disciples, by leading by example.

            Jesus then departed from there and went up on a mountain near Galilee when a great multitude came to Him for healing. He healed all who needed healing, he blind, lame, mute, maimed, and many others. Jesus then called to His disciples three days later and expressed that He wanted to feed the multitude who had been there for healing and seeking Him those three days. Jesus wanted to send them away well fed so they wouldn’t faint on their way back. There were a little more than 4000 people there in the wilderness and the disciples had no idea where to get enough food for them all, all they had was seven loaves and a few little fish. Jesus took what they had, gave thanks and passed it around and it fed all 4000 men, and woman and children. God will always provide our needs if we allow Him and have faith.