We see here Jesus’ first converts. John who was with two of his disciples saw Jesus and declared, “Behold, the Lamb of God.” The two disciples heard this and then went to follow Jesus. They knew that God was speaking through John and had been preaching through John, so when John said this was the Lamb of God they chose to follow Jesus, without any doubts as to who He really was.

            Jesus asked them what they seeked? They responded with a simple rabbi, where are you staying? Rabbi was equivalent to them calling Him their teacher, showing that they were seeking a teacher in Him. He told them to follow and see and they stayed with Him. The scripture shows it was the tenth hour which was my bible notes shows it was 10am. The significance shows that it was still early enough in the day to make other arrangements for travel elsewhere, no one started a new journey in the afternoon because it would make it difficult to set up camp in the dark. The fact that it was morning time and plenty early for them to go else where shows that they wanted to be here, they weren’t doing this out of needing a place to stay, rather wanting to learn from Jesus.

            One of the two disciples was Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother. Andrew told Simon that this man was the Messiah, the Christ, and brought Simon to Jesus. Jesus declared that Simon would be called Cephas, which means stone.

            From there they went to Galilee and Jesus found Phillip and told Phillip to follow Him. Phillip foundNathanael and said that they have found the Messiah from Nazareth and he needed to follow Him. Nathanael questioned if anything good could come from Nazareth. Jesus walked up to Nathanael and declared that he was in Isrealite home has no deceit. Nathaneel was shocked as to how Jesus knew who he was. Jesus told Nathaniel that He saw him sitting under the fig tree when Philip called him. Nathaniel was floored and declared that he believed that Jesus was the Messiah; Jesus responded with a simple, ‘you believe all because I saw you sit under a fig tree? You will see greater things than this.’

            Jesus says that he would see heaven open and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man. Notice none of these guys sat and debated Jesus about who He was, the moment Jesus spoke they saw God through Him and believed. Sadly, to the world today, this is called being radical, dropping everything to follow Jesus. But this shouldn’t be radical and wasn’t meant to be radical, this was meant to be our normal. We need to get to the place where Jesus is first and we drop everything to do as He says, to seek Him, to learn from Him, to know Him more. The obedience these disciples had is something we need to have.