This chapter has a lot of meat in it. This chapter, specifically the first half, also has theological debates on the full meaning behind Jesus’ teaching and what exactly He meant. Rather than tell you what I believe to be true, I really just want to encourage everyone to read John Chapter three this week with time set aside to go deep into it with the Holy Spirit. Allow God to really give you the full depth of what these verses mean.

            Since we won’t be doing John Chapter 3 together, I wanted to share a testimonial from this week. The other day I went to water some plants and almost stepped on a rattlesnake. I was barefoot and when I looked down my foot was about five inches away from a coiled up, full grown rattlesnake. I know, I know, why in the world was I barefoot in Texas in June? When I saw the snake I jumped back, imediately started to praise Jesus for not stepping on the snake then I dropped the hose out of shock and when I dropped the hose it should have fallen and landed on the snake (which would have made it mad).

            However, when I got a few feet away and was able to process what had just happened, I realized something. The snake hadn’t moved, at all. I thought it might be dead. My husband went to check and it was definitely alive. As I sat there I realized all that had just happened. When I had looked down and saw the snake next to my foot, for a moment it felt like everything paused, I got a real look at the snake, I could tell it was asleep, I could see its eyes were closed and I could see the details of his head resting upon his body in a deep sleep. I then realized, that the foot I had almost stepped on it was my left foot which has an old tattoo of a sparrow (I had gotten then years before getting born again).

            I was reminded of Matthew 10:28-31 as I saw the sparrow on my bare foot, inches away from the rattlesnake; “Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows”.  I was then reminded of the hose, the hose wasn’t where I dropped it, in fact it landed a good three feet away from where I had dropped it. It was if I had thrown it across the lawn, but I didn’t, I dropped it directly next to the snake which should have hit it.

            I was then reminded of the snake repellent I had boughten three weeks ago that I had never put out, it was sitting in the garage in the unopened bag.

            What I learned was this: We are of more value of the sparrows, the sparrows don’t worry or fear, neither should we. I have a spiritual knowing that this snake was put in a deep sleep, the hosts of heaven were guarding me for the Lord. The hosts of heaven moved that hose so it wouldn’t wake the snake before it landed. I was immediately reminded that to have snake repellent and not use it is as ignorant as having tools and gifts from God and choosing not to use those either. Psalm 91 then came to mind followed by Luke 10:19. What could have been a disastrous moment was an incredible lesson and prophetic message all in one with the addition of being reminded of my value and love in Christ.

            God gives us tools and knowledge and we are silly or even ignorant to not use them. He allows us to operate in His authority and it’s silly of us not to do it. Just like it was silly of me to not put out the snake repellent or wear shoes outside in Texas in July. Worry or fear comes when there is too much space between one and the Father. But when we choose to dwell in Him, fear and worry can’t be present, even in the midst of an enemy.