Jesus came to Cana of Galilee (where He had turned the water into wine) and there was a nobleman whose son was sick. When the nobleman (ruler) heard that Jesus was there he went to Him and asked Him to heal his son who was about to die. Jesus replied, “Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will by no means believe.” The nobleman continued to plead that Jesus would go and heal his son to which Jesus replied, “Go your way; your son lives.” On this the nobleman chose to believe and went his way headed back home. When he was greeted by his servants the next day as he arrived back they told him that his son indeed lives. He asked when his son had gotten better and they told him that the fever left him on the seventh hour the day before, which was the exact hour that Jesus told him, “your son lives.” Jesus healed his son without even having to be there. There is no limits to what Jesus can do, if we would just believe in Him and stop putting faith in doubt or unbelief. You can’t have faith in doubt and Jesus at the same time, its one or the other.

            In addition to this weeks bible study we wanted to share a testimony. A woman was confined to a wheelchair and God healed her this week. She had severe arthritis in her body and wasn’t able to walk because of the pain. She was prayed for and God supernaturally healed her instantly, she got up and began to walk freely without any pain and continued to walk all day without any pain at all and didn’t have a need for her wheelchair anymore. This outpouring of the Holy Spirit is going to move more freely than we have ever seen, seeing healings like this will be the new normal to those who believe. The body of Christ is in a revival that will stay, it will be a habitation like we have never seen. We just need to belief and have faith in Jesus and allow Him to move freely in us.