The girl told Jesus that she wanted some of this water, so that she wouldn’t have to come back to the well to get water anymore. Jesus responded by telling her to go and get her husband to which she responded that she didn’t have one (even though she was married five times and currently in a relationship with someone else).

            Jesus knew that she answered honestly when she said that she had no husband because He knew she wasn’t married to the man she was currently with. Jesus said that He knew she had been married five times and the man she was with wasn’t her husband and she said for Him to know this He must be a prophet. She continued to say that her fathers worshiped on that mountain and the Jews say that one ought to worship in Jerusalem. Where one should worship was a debated topic between the Samaritans and the Jews. Yet Jesus didn’t argue with her on this or debate her. Debating can turn someone away and she needed to be softened in the heart, not hardened. It’s one thing to have an intellectual conversation with someone who is born again and try to learn from each other. But debating with someone who hasn’t yet seen His truth isn’t a good thing and often does more harm than good.

            Jesus confirmed what she and others would soon know the meaning of. In those days they thought they had to go to a certain place to worship God and be in His presence. But the hour was soon coming when that would change, because of Jesus and His Holy Spirit we can worship God wherever we are, we aren’t confined to set apart places. Of coarse we can worship God at church, but we should worship Him daily at home, at work, wherever we are.

            When we worship God we worship Him in the Spirit. We can do this through singing or through praying in tongues. We can do it out loud or silently, the point is it’s an internal thing done through the Spirit. When we sing worship song to the Lord we aren’t just reciting words to a melody, we are having our Spirit cry out to the Lord to love on Him and worship Him.

            The women said that she knew a Messiah was to come and when He comes He will tell them all things. Jesus then revealed to her, this adulteress Samaritan, that He was Him! Jesus revealed who He was to this sinner, He came to save the sinners not the righteous. At this moments His disciples showed up and they were surprised that Jesus was talking to this woman, yet none of them asked Him about it. When we see something happens that is surprising to us or out of the normal, ask Jesus about it, He wants to teach us. When we seek Him for answers by asking Him questions, He will answer! Seek and you will find.

            The disciples then tried to get Jesus to eat, however He said that He had food which they didn’t know about. They began to ask one another if they had given Him food. Jesus said that His food was to do the will of Him who sent Him and to finish His work. Jesus than began to teach on Gods government of seed, harvest and reap. Jesus said that the fields are ready for harvest and he who reaps receives wages and gathers fruit for eternal life. He who sows and he who reaps may rejoice together for one sows and another reaps and many will reap what they haven’t labored by entering into another’s labor. When we share the word of God we are sewing a seed, that seed than gets watered and nurtured and will at some point be ready for harvest. However, bad seeds can be sewn too for there is life and death in the power of the tongue. What we say sews seeds, whether good or bad. When we complain we sew seeds that are bad and will produce a bad harvest. However, when we repent we pull those seeds up and can replace them with the word of God to produce a good harvest.

            Often times someone will sew a seed and later someone else will be used to lead that person the Christ, they didn’t plant the original seed but the seed caused them to seek Jesus and choose to get led to Him. When we do the will of God we are feeding our Spirit man.

            When Jesus then got to Samaria the Samaritans believed in Him already because the woman at the well went and told them what they had talked about. She told them that He knew all the things that she had done and that sparked there attention. God can used signs and wonders to get peoples attention, whether it be through a word of knowledge or through a physical healing. Because these people believed they wanted Jesus to stay with them so He stayed there two days and many more believed because of His own word. They believed then not because of what the woman had said, though that sewed the seed. They believed once they met Him and heard His word from Him.

            Jesus then departed there and went to Galilee. It is stated that Jesus said testified that a prophet has no honor in his own country. I have found this to be true from what I have witnessed, there can be some who stay in their hometown and are still honored as a prophet of God but I feel like that is the exception. For many they leave and go elsewhere, where people don’t know about them and who they were before they came to Christ because that can hinder them taking them serious. It can be hard for them to accept the change and the new creation in Christ because of the idea of who they knew them as before. God knows where we can serve him best and that’s why we should always seek God on where does He want us to live and be used to further His kingdom.