In these verses Jesus shows that He is the Son of God; God is His Father and Jesus does as He sees His Father do. Jesus claims equality with the Father and this made religion mad. Jesus is one with God, and with the Holy Spirit they form a triunity. Individually we have God the Father, Jesus the Son and then of coarse the Holy Spirit; yet they are all one. Jesus let it be known that He was the Son and that whatever He is doing is because the Father is doing it. The Jews got filled with anger from this, they couldn’t stand to hear Jesus say this. We need to learn from this. There will be times when God will send someone our way with a word from Him, they might not fit our “boxes” but we need to make sure we never dismiss one sent from God. Not only did they dismiss one sent from God, but they dismissed the Son of God, they dismissed Jesus because He didn’t fit into their form of religion and comfort zones. There is one way to the Father, and that is through Jesus Christ, and in these verses Jesus shows us that. To know Jesus is to know the Father, we can’t know the Father without knowing Jesus. All one can know without Jesus is religion and traditions, but to really know the Father, one has to know Jesus.

            Jesus has the power of life and death and the power of Gods judgement, only those who believe in Him as the Son of God who died and rose again, will have eternal life. He is the one true way. Jesus can do nothing aside from His Father and He does not seek His own will but His Fathers. This shows us that Jesus was given a choice, He wasn’t forced into choosing to conquer the cross or choosing His Fathers will; He chose it because He wanted too, out of love for God and love for us.

            John the Baptist bore witness to the truth while he preached that we needed to repent and be water baptized. This was something that Jesus did as well, not because He needed to be forgiven of sins as He was without some, but so we would follow His example. John was the burning and shining lamp that pointed us to Jesus.

            Jesus shows us that one can’t dismiss Jesus and hold Gods word in their hearts. To belief in Jesus is to know God and again one can’t know God without belief in Jesus as the Son of God of died and rose again three days later. If one doesn’t believe in Jesus then they haven’t received His word, regardless if they think they have or not. People were searching the scriptures for eternal life through the word alone, without Jesus. The word of God is incredible and we all need to know it better to know the Fathers heart more deeply, but Jesus is where are salvation comes in, our eternal life comes from faith and belief in Jesus.