This chapter begins with Jesus performing the miracle of feeding the thousands. There was 5000 men (not including women and children) who came out to see Jesus and there wasn’t enough food or money to feed them all. The disciples reaction was to send them home so they may go eat food there but Jesus didn’t want to send them away, He knew they came out to seek Him and He didn’t want to turn them away. So Jesus looked up to God and gave thanks to Him and the food was supernaturally multiplied to feed the multitude, with left overs to spare. God doesn’t work in worldly ways, He doesn’t work according to what is logical or mathematical. Only God can make the impossible, possible. However, to receive this kind of lifestyle from God, one has to believe in Him above anything else, ones mind has to be renewed to have faith in Gods way, heavens way, not that of the earth. When doubt or secular mindsets get in the way, it blocks Gods flow of supernatural abundance. Thats not to say God can’t make things multiply in the secular, He surely can, but our faith should always be in Him and not in that of the world. Expect the unthinkable.

            After this happened, the crowd wanted to take Jesus and make Him the king by force and He knew this wasn’t the way. Again, secular mindsets got in the way, but God’s plan was something none of them could even fathom. Often times we get so caught up in the circumstances that we often forget to take a step back and see the bigger picture. God’s plan was way bigger than secular government roles. So Jesus retreated to be alone with the Father and the disciples got I the boat and went towards Capernaum. This is when the big winds began to blow and then in the distance the disciples could see Jesus walking on the water, only they didn’t know it was Him. Sense they didn’t know it was Him at first they began to fear thinking it was a ghost, till Jesus told them not to be afraid because it was Him. Then they willingly received Jesus into the boat, notice here He didn’t force Himself in the boat He waited till they received Him in. God is so gentle with us, He never forces anything on us.

            The crowd noticed that Jesus’ disciples had left on the boat without Jesus, yet they couldn’t find Jesus anywhere. So they got on boats and went to Capernaum seeking Him. When they found Him they asked when did He come there? Jesus said that they seeked Him not because of the signs He did but because of the loaves they ate and were filled with. He told them that they needed to seek the Son of Man not for the food that perishes but for the food which endures for everlasting life. God the Father Has set His seal on Him. Jesus knows our hearts and our intentions, He knows who we are to the core and what are motivations are. We shouldn’t try to hide a thing from Him rather believe in Him and thank Him for loving us despite our downfalls.