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            The last half of this chapter is confirmation that Jesus is the Son of God who came from heaven. As Jesus was speaking of these things the ones that were stuck in religion got highly offended by His statements. It’s important to realize that when ones are questioning anything that God has ordained, its because they doubt. Jesus said that no one can come to Him unless the Father draws them in. He then says that they shall all be taught by God and everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes to Him. I want to emphasize the word “learned” here. Many will hear from God but that doesn’t mean they choose to listen and learn from Him.

            Have you ever had someone try to teach you something that you just didn’t want to learn?  When anyone tries to teach me about chemistry or physics, its like the second they start talking about it to me, my mind immediately shuts it down and I don’t obtain anything they said. Meaning I don’t learn it… why? I don’t find science interesting, and I don’t have the desire to learn anything science related. However, if its something important and something God is putting on my heart to learn, then I will push through and allow God to teach me.

            For example, God showed me He wanted me to learn on some of the science in nutrition and the way He created us to eat. Because God wanted to teach me on this, I chose to be obedient and take in His teaching. Notice, I have to choose to allow God to teach me, He won’t force it on me. God reveals Himself to so many people that sadly choose not to learn from Him and choose to turn the other way. We have to be open to receive Him and whatever it is that He wants to teach us. The Pharisees were open to God but weren’t open to what He had to teach them in regards to Jesus being His Son, the Messiah.

            We must always be open to whatever it is God is wanting to show us, no matter how uncomfortable it may seem to our flesh. The Pharisees couldn’t fathom that a man they knew who was a Nazarene could be the Messiah, it was uncomfortable to their flesh so for that reason they not only shut it down, they plotted to crucify Him.

            Nothing gets by Jesus, nothing. At the end of the chapter Jesus stated that He chose the twelve disciples knowing that one was of the devil. Many ask why wouldn’t He pick someone else? Jesus knew what needed to be done to fulfill prophecy and overcome death and to further Gods Kingdom. He didn’t allow His flesh to make Him feel uncomfortable and refuse to let Judas Iscariot join the group because He knew He would betray Him. No, He went through with the plan and He also treated Judas with love. He showed love to the man who He knew would betray Him. Often times we have opportunities to be offended by man and we want to retaliate or throw pity parties. Jesus didn’t do either of those things, He showed him nothing but love. This is the example we are to follow.