In this chapter Jesus heals a blind man, who had been born blind. First, the disciples asked Him if the man was born this way because he had sinned, or because his parents had sinned. Jesus responded that neither was the case, rather that the works of God should be revealed in him. Yes, sin can lead to the curse if it goes without repentance; and yes the curse pertains to sickness. However, we are in a fallen world, for that reason alone it doesn’t always have to be because someone sinned. Also, its important to remember that that time was before the cross, it was before we could have the Holy Spirit and walk in His freedom through surrendering to Jesus as our Lord. Through the Holy Spirit and His teaching we know a lot more about spiritual warfare and how to stand in the victory that Jesus has already given us. In those days though, that wasn’t the cast yet and so if there was anyone born with any defect it was assumed to be through sin, not due to being in a fallen world or apart of the curse in itself. 

            To heal this man Jesus spit in the mud and formed a clay. This stands out and we can learn a lot from this way that Jesus healed. First, Jesus didn’t always heal the same exact way every time which shows us that it wasn’t a ritual being done, it was done by God. Second, He spat into the mud which is similar to how man was created to begin with when God made man out
of dirt before He breathed His breath of life into Him. Thirdly, Jesus wanted to do away with legalism and religion and this was another way to do that. It was forbidden on the sabbath to kneed in clay and by not only healing this man (which was also forbidden on the Sabbath), Jesus took it one step further and also fashioned or kneeded the clay as well. Jesus came to do away with the box that man had unknowingly put God into. Fourthly, the man had a part to
play in his healing, he was told to then go wash the clay off his eyes after Jesus had covered his eyes in it. We have a part to play in our healing and freedom too, our part is to keep our eyes on Jesus, not the storm. We are to keep seeking Jesus above all else for our freedom, transformation and healing. We are to stay in tune to Him and listen. 
            Word got around that the man was healed so he was then brought to the Pharisees for questioning. There became a division over them, some felt like a man of God wouldn’t break the Sabbath, others felt that there was no way a sinner could perform this type of miracle. The Pharisees were so filled with doubt that they couldn’t beleive any of it so they brought in his parents for questioning. The parents basically said that their son is of age ask him, he was born
blind now he sees and they don’t know anything more. His parents were terrified of the Jews, because they had decided that if anyone confessed Him to be the Christ then they would be put out of the synagogue, his parents didn’t want that so they instead passed the burden onto their son.

            The son had no shame in Jesus, he didn’t care whatsoever that the Pharisees could cast him away by showing faith in Jesus. His eyes were just healed by Jesus, how could he care? When the Pharisees saw that they couldn’t get the man to deny Jesus they cast him out.

            When Jesus heard that the man was cast out, He went and found Him and revealed Himself as the Son of God to the man and asked the man if he believed in Jesus. The man cried out that he believed and began to worship Jesus. Jesus said that He came into this world for judgement, that those who do not see may see and those who see may be made blind. Those who humble themselves and surrender to Jesus will be given sight to see, those who harden themselves to Jesus will remain blind. The Pharisees heard this and asked if they were also blind to which Jesus said that their sin remains.