We are to love one another unselfishly and seek the best for one another. We definitely don’t see this is a normal thing in the secular, but remember; though we are in the world we are not of it. The world hated Jesus, Jesus wasn’t apart of the world though HE was in it and those who walked according to the world didn’t like Jesus. Those who walk according to the world probably won’t like us, and we have to be ok with that.

            I once heard someone share a testimony; they were saying how they had been mocked and questioned and made fun of by people and they went to Jesus about it. God said to them that if they don’t have scars on their hands and on their feet then they don’t need an explanation.  We serve Jesus, HE is the only one’s opinion we should care about. We need to stop letting other people get us down and we need to stop being offended by the world.

            Those who walk with the world are loved by the world which means being a christian will cause friction there. Water doesn’t mix or blend with oil; if you are finding yourself intertwined and mixing with the world it may be time for a self check. Though we are in the world we are not of it, its ok if the world thinks your weird or they hate you for your faith, Jesus is worth it. Jesus has chosen us out of the world and for that the world hates us. Don’t let that bother you, ask God to heal you from it and give you a thick skin to endure it. Honestly, the closer we grow to Jesus the less we will care about the worlds options towards us.

            Those who hated Jesus hate God, thats deep. We should be praying for those who openly deny Jesus and God rather than get offended. They hated Him without cause and some still do, those souls need praying for and its hard to pray for them unselfishly when we are caught in offense. We need to stop sulking over persecution and instead pray for those who are caught in the world and can’t seem to find their way to the light. Thank God we have the Holy Spirit to help us today with this.