Part 1 verses 1-15

            Jesus gave warning about the persecution so that way the disciples wouldn’t fall away when it comes. Often times God gives us warnings so when trouble comes we don’t fall prey to it.  There are countless warnings in the bible for us to steer clear of sin and trouble. When we know a storm is coming we can pray against it and prepare for the weather change. We can pray against the destruction that the enemy tries to bring through storms while prepare our homes for the change in the weather pattern. Rain is good and a blessing that is from God. Tornadoes are destruction and something to be prayed agains. Its good to pray against the chaos but don’t pray against your blessing at the same time.

            Jesus said that when He told the disciples He would be leaving, rather than ask where He is going they began to allow sorrow to fill their hearts and take complete possession of their hearts. This is another warning, when you begin to feel sorrow or sadness be on guard and don’t allow yourself to become filled with sadness and don’t allowed it possession of your heart. There is an appropriate time to mourn, a minute longer and it can send you into depression. This is why we must take everything, especially sorrow, to the throne and give it to God; so that HE can protect our hearts from side affects.

            Jesus had more things to say to them but He said that they couldn’t bear to hear them now.  Take notice to this, its another warning for us. Being filled with sorrow can prevent us from moving forward in our walk with Christ. Not being healed from the past or holding onto it can prevent us from moving forward in our walk. If you feel stuck, seek God and ask Him if there is something you need to heal of and let go of thats getting in the way of you walking out the destiny He has layed out for you.

            Jesus said that it was better for us that He go away so that we could receive the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is our helper, comforter, advocate, intercessor, counselor, strengthener and teacher. We have close fellowship through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit also brings conviction so that we can learn right from wrong, good from bad. The Holy Spirit reveals things to us from God that we need to know or understand.