Part 1

            The chapter begins with telling us that Pilate took Jesus and ham Him scourged, even after Pilate had already deemed Jesus as not guilty.  It wasn’t unusual for the romans to have victims scourged before possibly going to the cross.  The romans hoped that by having them scourged it would bring about a confession. The romans would beat the victim harder and harder till the confession would come, with Jesus there was nothing to confess therefor His scourging never lightened. He sat there and took every stripe on His body to fulfill the prophecy that by His stripes we are healed. In every stripe He took He conquered every sickness there’d ever be. There are no such things as new sicknesses to God, any and all sicknesses that man dubs as “new” is not new to God and was counted for in the stripes that Jesus overcame for us that day.

            They the romans mocked Jesus and put a purple robe to signify royalty on Him as well as a crown of thorns. They mocked Him and slapped Him in the face and the whole time He took it without offense. We know this because He had to be without blame and sin to conquer the cross, taking offense is a form of pride and that is translated to sin. So He sat there and was mocked yet didn’t give into offense, how amazing! We tend to give into offense for the smallest things yet we are supposed to mirror Jesus.

            Pilate had probably hoped that after Jesus was whipped the chief priests would be satisfied in that and let the whole thing go, because Pilate knew Jesus was innocent. However, they didn’t seem to care as they yelled to crucify Him. Pilate said he found no guilt in Him therefore they had to crucify Him themselves. They then shouted and told Pilate that Jesus broke their law and they accused Him of blasphemy because He declared He was the Son of God. This shook Pilate and make him even more alarmed and afraid. Pilate then asked Jesus where He was from and Jesus wouldn’t answer. Pilate was getting angry and told Jesus that he had the authority to set Jesus free or crucify Him so Jesus should answer Pilate and tell him where He is from.

            Jesus replied and told Pilate that he would have no authority at all of Jesus if it had not been given to Him from above. This was all apart of the bigger plan, Jesus knew this had to be done and it had to be done on Gods timing, not mans. Jesus then said that sin and guilt of the one who handed Jesus over to Pilate was greater than it would be on Pilate. Jesus then said that the one who handed Him over would have more sin and guilt that Pilate, this made Pilate really want to let Jesus go. However, the angry mob was not going to listen to Pilate and threatened him by saying Pilate would be an enemy to Caesar because Caesar was the king and anyone who declared to be a king would come against that. This made Pilate feel threatened about his job and his livelihood and fear overcame his courage to stand up for the right thing.

            So, out of fear of loosing all he had, Pilate brought Jesus out to the judgement seat at a place called The Pavement which in Hebrew means Gabbatha (high, elevated).

            It was the day of Preparation for the passover week and it was about the sixth hour or noon. Prophetically, the day of Preparation (time to prepare and get everything ready for passover) is used here I beleive to show how Jesus was preparing for what was to come and to save man with His perfect authority and heavens governmental authority (man is represented by the number 6 from the 6th hour because man was created on the sixth day. The sixth hour is also noon which would be the number 12 which in the Bible represents authority and perfect governmental foundation). He had just been whipped and that had prepared the way for healing by fulfilling prophecy that by His stripes we are healed. He was about to overcome death as well as have His kingdom order come to all of His followers. In this exact moment on the judgment seat on high He was preparing for what was to come in His kingdom on earth, as it is in Heaven. The fact that this moment was on the day of the Preparation for the passover week was definitely not a coincidence. The timing was perfect for His plan.

            Pilate then said to the angry crowd to look and see their king. This made them angrier as they declared that their only king was Caesar. See, what they didn’t realize that in this moment they were choosing the worlds kingdom over Gods. They were choosing to be in the world and receive of it rather than to live and receive of Gods kingdom. As Jesus was on The Pavement aka “elevated” on the judgement seat, the chief priests were declaring to serve Caesar as their king, they were choosing which kingdom they would serve and be served by. They were sewing seeds that would bring them a bad harvest.