What stood out to me in the second part of John was, why didn’t Mary recognize Jesus at first? She had been with Him for many days, how did she mistake Him for the gardener? After doing more study in this and what the four gospels show into this same testimonial is this: it was early in the morning and probably still dark outside, she wasn’t expecting to find Jesus resurrected she was looking for a dead body, she was hysterically crying and weeping which would affect your vision, she was frightened from the earthquake and lastly she turned her back to Jesus whom she thought was the gardener probably because she didn’t want the “gardener” to see her crying hysterically. All four of the gospels accounts of this all show a fuller picture and it all makes more sense when sewed together.

            Mary Magdalen after seeing Jesus then wen to tell the others and they waited for Him in the room with the doors closed out of fear of the Jews. When Jesus arrived that even that marked the first day of the week, He showed them His hands and His side to show them it was truly Him. Jesus breathed unto them and they received the Holy Ghost. Jesus said to receive the Holy Ghost. The Holy Spirit has to be received on our parts, He will never force Himself on anyone.

            Jesus then says to go on and preach the forgiveness of sins and peoples sins will be forgiven. But if you don’t proclaim the forgiveness of their sins, they will remain guilty. This is a huge assignment give to all believers, we are to tell the world that Jesus has come to forgive sins so they can be given the opportunity to repent and turn to Him. We can’t sit on our bums and do nothing, we all have an assignment. Some may have more assignments added to it but we all have this one regardless if we are called into the five fold ministry or not, this assignment is given to all who choose to beleive and follow Jesus.

            Thomas wasn’t with the disciples when Jesus appeared to them, and when the disciples informed Thomas he didn’t beleive them. He said that he wouldn’t beleive unless he personally sees the wounds of the nails in His hands and touches them with his finger and puts his hand into the wound of his side where He was pierced. Notice how much doubt was here, he didn’t just say he had to see him; rather he had to not only see Him but also touch His hands where the nails were AND also touch where He was pierced. Thats like doubt times 3. Eight days later Jesus appeared to them and knowing what Thomas had said He prompted Thomas to touch all of His wounds on His hands and His side and then told him not to give into his doubts any longer, just believe! Jesus met Thomas where he was at and He does the same for us. But recognize that Jesus told Thomas not to give into doubt, doubt is a choice. You either choose to entertain it or you don’t. However, you can’t have faith in Jesus and doubt at the same time. You either trust Him or you don’t. If you struggle with that don’t worry, HE will meet you where you are, ask Him for help and He will help you with this. You will need to do your part as well, do things that build your faith; read His Word out loud to yourself, listen to His word being preached on, praise and worship Him daily. These aren’t works to check off a to do list, when these are done with your hearts intent on knowing Him more, they will build your faith in Him by leading you to know Him more.