The chapter begins with the disciples going out and fishing all night, to catch nothing. As they come to short in the morning, Jesus is on the shore line. He asked if they had any fish to eat with their bread, not realizing it was Him. They said no and He tells them to cast it out again to their right side and they got such a big load that they weren’t able to haul it into the boat. Notice, they had to cast it to the right side; Jesus is seated at the right side of God and we can do nothing without Jesus. This was a reminder that we need Him to do things successfully. This was also a reminder, that Jesus called them to fish for men, not fish; this was to remind them of the first time they got in a big haul when Jesus stirred up the water and first called them to be fishers of men. Jesus will always provide for us, we don’t need to rely on our own merits, we need to trust in Him. As they got the big load of fish John knew right away it was Jesus and told Peter. When Simon Peter heard this he put on his clothing and jumped into the sea to swim to Him.

            When they got to the beach they saw a charcoal fire set up and fish on it cooking and some bread. They brought in the fish that they had caught and for whatever reason counted them to find 153 fish in total, all great ones. There are a few theories on why there was 153 fish specifically, such a random number. However, nothing is random with God. Back then they believed there was 153 species of fish, now we know that about 250 new species of fish are discovered each year alone. However, back then, sticking with their 153 species of fish analogy, it was synonymous with representing all races of mankind. 153 fish to represent one of each type of specie of fish to correlate to all races of man being saved.

            Despite how big the haul of fish was, their net didn’t break. God cares about the little things, down to the very last and minute detail.

            Jesus asked Simon if he loved Him three times, and each time He told Simon to take care of His sheep. To show His love to Jesus would be done by taking care of His sheep. If we ever want to think of a way to show our love to Jesus, this is one way to do it, care for His sheep!

            Jesus showed Peter time, how it starts when one is young and how it goes when one is old. This also supports that its His will for us to live a long and satisfying life as stated in Psalm 91, to grow old in years. Peter asked what about John and his future and Jesus replied that that wasn’t Peters business, if Jesus chose to keep John alive till He returns that was His business and all Peter needs to focus on is following Jesus. Often times we focus on others and we need to focus on Him. We are called to pray for others but our focus should always be on Him.