Abraham married again after Sarah had passed and had more children, but he made it clear in his old age that Isaac was the heir of what he possessed. He blessed his other children with things but Isaac was to be the new leader of the family.  Abraham lived to be one hundred and seventy-five years old, he died in a good old age and was buried with Sarah.

            Isaac’s wife, Rebekah, hadn't conceived yet and they were worried she was barren. So they pleaded that God would bless them with children. When Isaac was sixty, Rebekah had twin boys. Esau came out first, followed by Jacob. In the text it tells us that Rebekah struggled with her pregnancy, and asked God why and he told her that she was going to have two nations be brought from her, one will be stronger than the other and the older shall serve the younger. God knows whats going to happen before it does, and so she wasn't surprised when she had the twins.

            One day, when the boys were older, Esau who was the strong hunter came in and was extremely hungry. His brother had prepared food and Esau asked him for something to eat.  Jacob agreed to feed his brother only if his brother would give him his birthright.  This mean that  Jacob would be the heir to Isaac, not Esau. Esau replied that he was dying because he was so hungry so what was a birthright at that point and traded it for food. Esau wasn't dying, he was greatly exaggerating because he was so hungry in the moment, and allowed the desperation from that single moment to alter his entire future. This shows us how easy it is act poorly under desperation. Had he overcome that fleshly urge and gotten food elsewhere, he would have still had his inheritance and birthright.

            God prophecies to Rebekah that the older shall serve the younger, He knew this would happen at one point. He truly does know everything before it happens. When you sin, he is already aware that you are going to do it, yet he still loves and forgives you anyways. He truly does know all.