Isaac was now getting old and his eyes were so dim that he could not see, he called Esau, his oldest son, and told him to go hunt some game and prepare a meal for him to eat so that he may bless him. Isaacs wife heard this, and quickly told Jacob to go get a goat and she would prepare it for his father and Jacob will take it to him pretending to be Esau so that he would get the blessing. God had already told Rebekah that Jacob would be the more prosperous son, but instead of trusting in God she tried to take the situation into her own hands by lying and deceiving her husband.

            Jacob was afraid to get caught, he wasn't ashamed to deceive his father and lie. But when his mother said she would take the curse if there was one, then Jacob went through with the plan because he wanted the blessing. In ancient times, the oldest was the heir and had the birthright but not till the father spoke it verbally, and normally this didn't happen till the father was old in
age. This is because if the oldest wasn't deserving, the father could give it to another child or servant instead. So even though Esau had traded it to Jacob already, it wasn't considered permanent until the father spoke it into existence. However, in this case, because God already told Rebekah that the birthright would go to Jacob, all they needed to do was trust in that plan rather than deceive Isaac to create their own plan for the blessing.

            So Jacob brought food to his father and lied and told him that he was Esau, and Isaac blessed Jacob. When Esau arrived later with his game his father was confused, Esau told him that he was lied to and deceived and begged for the blessing. Because Isaac had already given his word and blessing to Jacob, he told Esau that he would bless him but he cant take back what he already said and that Jacob would be the new leader of the family and the heir. Their word in those times were like our version of a written/signed and notarized formal contract. Once you gave your word you couldn't take it back, it was a done deal.

            This filled Esau with anger and he decided that he would try to kill his brother. His mother feared this and sent Jacob away where he would be safe, at his uncles village. It is a common reaction to react to something unsettling with anger, but feeding into the anger will only cause more harm. You can't control what others do, only how you react to it, when you catch yourself feeling angry ask God to remove it from you and to help you with the situation. Reacting in anger will only cause more harm and suffering.

            Had Rebekah and Jacob trusted in God, this situation would have been avoided. This is why we must trust in God and what He has promised us and allow Him to work in our lives to make His promises happen. Be obedient of what He commands but dont try and make His promises happen on your own merit, and definitely dont sin to try to achieve what you want. If you have to lie to receive what your wanting, its either the wrong timing or not what God has planned for you. Trust in Him.