Isaac demanded Jacob to not marry a local pagan girl, but to instead go to Padan Aram and marry one of their own. Esau had already upset his parents by whom he married and Isaac made it clear that Jacob was not to do the same.

            Jacob receives a dream from God one night and makes a covenant with God just as his dad and grandfather had done. Jacob was offered the same covenant that God made with Abraham, but it wasn't enough to be Abrahams grandson, Jacob had to establish a relationship with God on his own. We all have to do this. It isn't enough what our parents may or may not believe or what kind of a relationship someone close to us might have with God. We need to establish our own relationship with God and we need to get to know Him personally and let Him know us personally.

            Jacob mentions at the end of this chapter that whatever God gives to Jacob, he would return a tenth back to God. This could be why a lot of people believe you need to tithe ten percent. It is important to tithe and is something that we should all do, after all, everything that we have is Gods, we are just temporarily in possession of it. But this was a personal choice that Jacob made with God in regards to giving back a tenth. When it comes to tithing it is a personal thing between you and God, ask Him what He wants you to tithe and where He wants you to tithe too.  If you promise God to tithe ten percent like Jacob did, honor that promise and dont go back on  it. But this is something you should really pray over and even fast about to seek what God wants you to tithe.