We are going to do things a little differently. Instead of going through the bible chronologically we are going to do focus on whatever part of the bible God wants us to focus on in that moment. If nothing comes to mind then we will refer back to the chronological order for that week. Today I am feeling like God wants us to have a revelation on the book of Job, specifically verses Job 5:19, and 5:26.

            Often times, when one receives a revelation on the word of God the devil will try to take that from you, you need to fight to keep it. I have had this happen many times and when you fight to get it back its much
harder to receive than to just keep it the first time. If you have a revelation of this message, fight to keep it and don't let anyone convince you otherwise. Meditate on this message over and over again and protect it till you are standing strong in it to share with others without losing it.

           Job 5:19 tells us “He shall deliver you in six troubles, yes, in seven no evil shall touch you.” 

            This doesn't mean literally six troubles, but it does show us that after we rely on God to take us through hardships and struggles and we stick to our faith in believing in His word, at some point we will arrive in that “seventh place” where no evil shall touch us, no troubles will come at us. Stop and picture this, visualize this, a time where no evil can touch you.

            Yes, God will deliver us from trouble, but God doesn't want us to be in trouble in the first place, He wants us to get to that place where trouble cant even phase us because we are untouchable, no evil will touch us.

            Some people think that God places trouble in our lives so we can grow and have a reason to seek Him. But this is false. God is good, only good, He does not put trouble or harm on us, its not in His nature to
be bad or to put bad things upon you. HE IS ONLY GOOD. All bad things come from the devil.  While we can grow closer to God in times of trouble, and seek Him more, God doesn't put the trouble on us and wants us to get to the place in our faith where we are untouchable from evil.

            A little over a month ago I dropped something on my foot and it hurt really bad. Immediately the devil tried to get me think, “Why didn't God protect me from this?” I ignored it and praised God for delivering me
from the pain and basically doing damage control on my foot. I couldn't walk on it for a week, I didn't know why, if a nerve was damaged or if something broke. But I didn't want to believe the what ifs, instead I chose to keep praising God that He was delivering me from this. After a week I was able to walk on it as if nothing had happened. In the reality, God delivered me from the “what could have been” ie nerve damage or broken bones. He delivered me from the pain and after a week I was back to full movement as if it never happened.  God did protect me in that moment by protecting my nerves and bones, in the flesh it hurt and appeared like something was wrong but in the spiritual God was already delivering me from it and keeping me protected. Without Gods protection there probably would have been a trip to the hospital for some X-rays.

            God is delivering us all the time from things we do not see, but God wants us to be in that seventh place where no evil will touch us at all.  Keep visualizing this perfection of peace and keep fighting in your faith
to get there. Ask God to give you a revelation on this and meditate over this a lot throughout this week, or longer, however long it takes you to cement this revelation into your mind.

            Job 5:26 says that we shall come to the grave at a full age as a sheaf of grain ripens in its season. This verse lets us know that it is Gods will for us to live a long life, to a full age. Anything that doesn't support this in our lives is an attack, simply resist it and praise God that what He says is true, stand in it, in His word and believe it and it will help you get to that seventh place where no evil will touch you.