Daniel was now one of Darius’s top three administrators. Everyone Daniel worked with didn't believe in God, and it showed in their work, Daniel was shining brighter than his competition because he had God working with him. This made the others jealous and made enemies for Daniel at work. We can learn from this, when you work with God and allow the Holy Spirit to work through you, your work will stand out too. And when you stand out, it can be a side effect having coworkers get jealous or upset, but remember to give all glory to God and maybe it will help them want to seek God, so they too can thrive and live that blessed life.

            The other administrators tried to find something to get Daniel in trouble for so he would be kicked off the hierarchy and they would take over his spot as top administrator. But there was nothing to find him at fault with, he worked honestly, hard and with good morales the way God would want him too. So, they attacked his religion, because that was the other thing that set him apart, they attacked his worship of God. So the other administrators made a decree, that no one may worship or pray to any god or man for thirty days except for their king, and king Darius agreed.

            When Daniel got home, knowing the decree had been signed, he went to his bedroom and with the window open for all of Jerusalem to see, he got on his knees and prayed to God as he normally would. He didn't allow anything to come between him and God. The administrators found Daniel praying and went straight to the king with it. The king didn't want to punish Daniel for this, he saw the power of Daniels God and didn't want to go against that but his administrators were pressing hard for him to punish Daniel for breaking the decree. Instead of standing up to his administrators, he told Daniel that His God would deliver him and agreed to have Daniel sent to the lions den. The king fasted all night and didn't sleep, waiting for morning to arise to see if God delivered Daniel from the lions. When he found Daniel he was alive, God sent an angel to close the lions mouths so that they would not hurt him, the king excitedly demanded that Daniel be removed from the lions den.

            Because Daniel believed in God, he was delivered from the lions den. We must strive to have faith like Daniel, in every circumstance we face, strive for faith like Daniels when he was in the lions den. The administrators and their families were punished and all thrown in to the lions den, and King Darius made a new decree, that everyone must tremble and fear Daniels God. Daniel was put in a tough place, to make a decision to walk away from God for thirty days or keep near to God and be put to death.  It would have been less scary to not pray where others can see you and wait the thirty days, but his love and honor for God was too strong to be put in the corner. This bold and braveness is something every christian can have if they seek God. Then Daniel was fearless in the lions den, he had no doubt and knew God would deliver him. Every christian can have this faith and fearlessness too, if we actively seek God.