The chapter begins with Daniel receiving another vision.  It states that he understood the vision but it troubled him.  So he did a sort of fast where he didnt eat anything pleasing, no meat or wine and he didnt annoint himself either. This is where todays modern "Daniel fast" has come from. This shows dedication and appreciation to God and strips away fleshly desires for three weeks, instead of preparing regular dinners you eat bland food and then spend the rest of the time praying and reading the word of God. Doing this type of fast can help your spirit grow and connect better with God. Its important to remeber that its not a diet, it is a spiritual fast. If it ever becomes more like a diet then its time to reevaluate.  

            Daniel did this fast for three weeks then saw another vision, whereas the men he was with didnt see the vision but instead got frightened and left. Daniel felt week and was given strength, the angel was sent to Daniel the moment he had felt troubled from the vision, when he firtst started his fast. The angel said that the prince of Persia withstood the angel for 21 days till the angel Michael came to help. God heard Daniel instantly and sent an answer right away for him, but it took the 21 days for the angel to give it to Daniel. When we pray God hears us right away.

            Daniel had no strenght, and couldnt talk, the emotional pain from the vision had emotionally and physically drained him. The angel touched Daniel's lips and he was able to speak, then the angel touched Daniel and he was given supernatural strength and was replenished. The angel told Daniel not to fear, peace will be to him and strength. God doesnt want us to fear, he wants us to be at peace with His strength.  Whenever you are tempted to fear remember,  "do not fear, peace be to you, be strong." 

            The angel then shared about the end times once more before leaving to go back to fight the prince of persia. Surely dealing with the prince of persia was important, but God still made it a priority to give Daniel peace and comfort. 

            No matter how small or big our problem or discomfort is, God will make time for us. Dont hesitate to go to Him when you are troubled. If there is something you are really struggling with try fasting and praying. 

            The "Daniel fast" is great for beginners because you dont cut out all foods and water, just undesirable foods. Basically you eat raw or cooked veggies (without seasongings or butters), fruit and grains and you can drink water. The stuff we tend to crave (meat, cheese, junk food sugar etc) would be left out. It makes it a good starting point for someone who has never done a full fast. Fasting and praying is good to help us grow closer to  God, allow our spirit man to grow and decrease our fleshly thinking. If God is putting it on your heart to fast and you dont know where to begin, this would be something to look into and pray about.  There's lots of recipes and more in depth information on it, but remember,  the food part isnt the importance of the fast, its commecting to God. Its not about the diet its about Him.