This chapter begins with Jesus commanding us to be careful with our good deeds, to not do them publicly or for attention. When we do something good for others, we can feel very good and happy about what was just done, but we are not to be boastful of our deeds, it cancels them out. God see’s what we do in private and He knows and is happy with us for it, but we don't need to shout it out to everyone else, we shouldn't want to receive attention for our obedience. When you do a good dead and you feel great about it and excited for what just happened, don't call your friends and tell everyone, instead talk to Jesus about how happy you feel in that moment and thank Him for blessing you so that you can in turn bless others. We are to give in complete secrecy, God will see and will reward us for doing so. But if we give and shout it out, the reward will already be given in full to us. We shouldn't give to receive a reward, but we need to be humble when we give and not brag about it. It can be very exciting to give, even if we aren't intending to brag, you may be simply sharing how good you feel about it, it doesn't take away the fact that Jesus said it needs to be done in secrecy. No matter the reason behind sharing we need to keep it private between us and God.

            The same goes for when we pray, we don't need to pray in public for attention, we need to pray privately with God. We don't need to put our religion on show, we need to focus instead of having a relationship with God and praying/seeking Him out privately. That doesn't mean don't pray for someone else who is need of praying, it just simply means when you pray to God, don't make a production out of it for the wrong reasons. Talk to Him, privately, and grow a relationship with Him. We also do not need repetitive prayers, we don't need to memorize prayers and recite them and be done with it. That is not having a relationship with Jesus, that is simply practicing traditional religious practices. God wants much more with us, He wants a personal relationship with us. He already knows whats on our heart, in our minds and what we need, but He wants us to open up to Him and talk to Him personally, honestly, and in a private place to be able to really seek Him.

            We need to forgive others, if we forgive others God will forgive us of our sins. We all have sins that need to be forgiven, we need to be able to receive that forgiveness which means we can't be hypocrites, we need to forgive others who have wronged us as well. We will never be deserving of Gods forgiveness, yet He forgives us. Someone may not be deserving of your forgiveness but that doesn't matter, put your ego aside and forgive them and ask God to help you heal from the harm they caused. If you have not forgiven someone, that will affect your relationship with God, for that simple reason alone, forgive!

            When we fast, we need to be quiet about that as well. We don't need to advertise it or groan about how hungry and hard it is. We need to act as if we aren't even fasting and keep it private between us and God. Fasting is a spiritual thing for us to grow closer to God, bragging about it or complaining about how hard it is gets in the way of all the benefits of fasting.

            They eye is the lamp of the body, if our eye is clear (spiritually perceptive) our whole body will be full of light (benefiting from God’s commands). But if the eye is bad or spiritually blind, the body will be full of darkness (lack of God’s commands). If your heart/mind is dark, how great is that darkness? We need to have a good spiritual perceptive, we need to know God’s word and what He wants for us. We need to keep ourselves in His word so that we don't grow distant and dark. We need to follow His commands.

            No one can have two masters, you cant love money and God. You have to pick one or the other. You will either serve money, or God, you cant serve both. You will hate one and love the other, you need to be careful as to which master you serve. We also need to stop worrying about life and our needs. The birds of the air get fed and taken care of, we are worth more than birds, we need to trust God to provide us with our needs. We need to simply seek God and His kingdom and our needs will be filled. Worrying doesn't help the situation and isn't good for your body or mind. Simply don't worry about tomorrow or anything, seek God and His kingdom and He will provide your needs which makes worrying useless and not needed in the least bit.