This chapter is about lots of Jesus's healings and begins with Jesus healing the paralyzed man. The scribes thought to themselves that Jesus was a blasphemer and Jesus read their minds and called them out for their evil in their hearts. This is a reminder to us that Jesus knows our hearts, better then we do. 

            Jesus left and walked by a tax collector named Mathew and told him to follow Him, and Mathew did just that.  Tax collectors were known for stealing some of the tax money so they werent very liked by the Jews. Despite what others thought of tax collectors Jesus saw past that and saw Mathew for who he really is and asked him to follow Him.  Mathew left a good paying job to serve Jesus. Sometimes we have to choose between Jesus and obstacles in our lives that could keep us from Jesus.  We need to follow Mathews example and choose Jesus and let Him carve out anything in our lives we dont need. 

            The Pharisees constantly tried to trap Jesus, they asked why He was eating with a tax collector and Jesus told them that He came to save the sinners and bring them to repentance,  the ones who realize they need Jesus not the righteous.  

            Then the disciples of John came and asked why Jesus's disciples didnt fast.  Jesus responded with, "Can the friends of the bridegroom mourn as long as the bridegroom is with them?" It was before the time becuse Jesus was still with them in the flesh. 

            Jesus then heals the woman who had a bleeding problem, she had heard of Jesus and her faith was strong, she thought all she had to do was touch His robe and she would be healed. Jesus told her that her faith has made her well. After He healed a girl who was dead, He rose her from the dead. He walked into the mourning room filled with people crying and told them that she was merely asleep and they ridiculed Him for it. But He grabbed her hand and she rose from the dead and word of this spread everywhere like wild fire. 

            Jesus then came across two blind men, they begged for mercy and He asked them if they beleived that He could heal them and they said yes. Jesus told them by their faith let it be done to them. Another example of healing coming by their faith. Jesus asked them not to tell anyone but they did the opposite and told all in that country. 

            Next, Jesus delivers a mute/demon possessed man and the man began to speak. But the Pharisees heard of this and said that He was casting out demons by the ruler of demons and they didnt like it. 

            Jesus went to all the villages and cities and preaches the gospel too them. He saw the multitudes and felt compassion for them because they were lost like sheep without a shepherd. Jesus wanted to help all that He could see, He went around healing every sickness and disease.