Jesus called His twelve disciples to Him and gave them power over unclean spirits, to cast them out and to heal sickness and disease. He sent them out to find the lost sheep of Israel (the Jews), the Bible notes show that they were to go to the Jews because that was who God chose to tell the rest of the world about Him.

            Jesus told the disciples not to take clothes or food or money with them, that they would be cared for and people of peace would take them in. If they went to a house that didn’t have people of peace, they didn’t need to leave their peace with them but move on to the next who has people of peace who will be accepting of their mission. This is why churches give money to people actively discipling in the mission field 24/7. They need their needs taken care of so they can do Gods work and that is why giving to people in the mission field is so good, that is why God will put it on peoples hearts to give to disciples in the mission field. Its important to remember if you aren’t a full time missionary, you can still be a disciple of God and pray over people and cast out demons even if you work a regular nine to five job. We should all be open to God using us as His disciples 24/7 in whichever unique way He chooses for us.

            Jesus told the disciples to go out and be as wise as servants and gentle as doves. This is important to follow. Whats it mean to be wise as a serpent? A serpent doesn’t freely announce itself when it enters a new environment, it camouflages itself, hides and assess the are first without being seen. They don’t act fast, they assess situations and strike at the perfect moment. They don’t act impulsively. Just as doves are gentle birds, they are not vicious or mean, unlike some snakes. The combination of the two is what the disciples were told to act like. Blend in, take it slow and assess the situation to allow God to show them the perfect time to strike, but then to strike with gentleness and grace so they don’t scare people off when they share the gospel. We need to follow this when we share the gospel with others, we need to assess the situation and let God show us what to say or do and at the perfect moment that He shows us gently share the gospel unless He shows you a different way which would be the exception. We don’t need to dwell over what to say or how to say it because we don’t know the persons heart or soul like Jesus does, He will show the perfect thing to say when the perfect moment has arrived we just need to be gentle and calm and patient so we can hear it.

            Whatever God tells us in the dark we are to share in the light and we are not to fear. Not a single sparrow falls to the ground aside from Gods will and we are much more valuable than a bird. There is no need to fear. He knows how many hairs are on our head, His love is that strong and He is the most powerful and in charge, there is no reason to fear.

            Whoever confesses Jesus before men, Jesus will confess him to His father. Whoever denies Jesus in front of men will be denied before God. As christians we can loose cool points because we believe in God. But at the end of days it won’t be so cool in hell. Never turn away from your faith or God to impress others. There will be ones who are rejected for their faith, and that is ok, it is far better to be rejected by someone than it is to spend an eternity in hell. If the person truly loves and cares about you they will accept you for your beliefs and if they don’t, well when you get born again God will put like minded people in your life to replace the ones who refuse to show you love with your beleifs. There may be a day when you have to make a choice between someone you love and God. We are to always choose God. If the thought scares you because you don’t want to give that person up then pray to God and ask for help on this, hopefully it won’t come down to it but if it does we need to always make the right choice. We must always choose God before anyone. I have had to make the choice a few times and some of them finally found God and are back in my life again only the relationship is better than ever, and they not only accept my faith but respect it. The point is, we always need to make God first in our lives, and if this is hard to do then talk to Him about it so He can help you to have a better relationship with Him so putting Him first won’t be scary it’ll be as easy as breathing.