John was put in prison by Herod, Herod had married his own sister-in-law and John publicly rebuked Herod sin. As John sat in prison he got an idle mind and began to entertain doubt. He sent two of his disciples to go see if Jesus really was the Son of God. When Jesus heard this, He didn’t rebuke John or criticize him for his doubt. He simply told the disciples to tell John the works they see and then told everyone that no other human being had yet done His masters will as greatly as John had been doing, even though he had a moment of doubt. Jesus didn’t get mad or offended by Johns doubt, He simply sent proof for Him and peace for his mind and used this is a great learning lesson for others. Don’t feel guilty when you feel doubt, instead, know that Jesus loves you and seek what He says on the situation that is causing you doubt and stand on it and move forward.

            Jesus condemned the attitude of His generation, all the works that were done right in front of their faces yet many still chose not to repent or turn to God. They were cynical and didn’t want to listen because they knew after they heard and believed and chose the word of God they wouldn’t have to make changes in their lives. These changes weren’t bad but any change for people no matter good or bad can be a scary and unsure thing so often time people will turn away because they are afraid of the change.

            Jesus thanks God for hiding these things from the wise and prudent, the ones whose hearts who cold and wouldn’t be accepting of God. He thanked God for revealing these things to the babes, the ones pure of heart who were open to God and His truth. All things have been delivered to Jesus by God and no one knows Jesus except God and no one knows God except Jesus and the ones who Jesus wills to reveal Him. The word Know here means more than knowledge of, it means to have an intimate relationship with. The way to God is through Jesus and they way to God is if Jesus wills to reveal HIm. If you are seeking God than that means you! Praise God!

            Jesus says to take His yoke upon us, and learn from Him for His yoke is gentle and His burden is light and in Him we find rest for our souls. A yoke is a heavy wooden harness that goes over the shoulders of an ox to carry a load that the ox then pulls. To take Jesus’ yoke means to allow Him to be with you, to have Him pull your load, to take that burden and carry it for you, in Him you find rest and He does the work with you pulling the weight for you. There is always some form of work to be done, but when you allow Jesus to be with you and carry the burden for you then your work load seems light and for some may not even feel like work at all even though to the secular it is still a work load.