This book is written from Paul to the saints at Ephesus, and to the faithful in Christ Jesus (that’s us!) This book is written to strengthen the believers and their faith by explaining the nature and purpose of the church, the body of Christ.

            Verse one states that Paul is an apostle of Jesus by the will of God. This means it wasn’t a coincidence or a random act that Paul was chosen by Jesus. Mathew 16:17 showed us that we know who the Father is because He has revealed it to us, it’s not something our flesh can show us. Paul being an apostle wasn’t a coincidence; and you reading this today and wanting to know God more is no coincidence either. We know Him because He has first revealed Himself to us, this alone should show you His love for you if you ever doubt it.

            The chapter begins with grace (good favor) and peace (absent of conflict and to be at rest) be to you from the Lord, Jesus Christ. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus, who has blessed US with with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ. In Christ, we have all the spiritual blessings needed to know Him, to truly know Him and have a relationship with Him. We have been chosen for salvation, we have been chosen and adopted as His without any coincidence being involved, it was intentional. WE have been predestined into adoption as His by Jesus.

            If you are wondering if God loves you, and you are seeking Him and know Jesus is the Son of God; know that you are so loved. He loves everyone, but the fact that you know Jesus is the Son of God and you seek God means you know this and are doing this because He has revealed Himself to you. By revealing Himself to you it is confirming verse five that you are predestined into adoption as HIS. This is important and can’t be missed. If you know who you are in Christ, your true identity, you can overcome any temptation that comes your way because you will know your true identity. The fact that you are reading this right now, interested in God means you have been chosen by Him, why else would you be reading an online bible study? You have sought Him, you are interested in Him because He has revealed Himself to you because you are His adopted child whom He loves. Your past doesn’t matter, He remembers that no more. What matters is that you see and receive His love that He wants to cover you with.

            Before the world was even created, He chose you as His. Meditate on that one.

            In Him, we have redemption through His blood, we are forgiven of sins by His amazing grace. Through His wisdom and love He allowed us to know His will according to His good pleasure. He has given us heavenly insight even to the end of age.

            In Him we have also received a destiny, we have been claimed by God as His own and (here we go again) PREDESTINED (chosen beforehand). The fact that this is mentioned AGAIN lets us know we NEED to absorb it. We were chosen beforehand. This means it isn’t because our works or our bank account, no. We were chosen beforehand because HE loves us and has chosen us as HIS. It isn’t a coincidence that this word is being used so much and we are only eleven verses in. Nothing is a coincidence with God. We just need to open our eyes, see we are loved and receive it.

            Verse 12 states that we who first trusted in Christ would exist to the praise of His glory. This lets us know that our job is to trust in Christ. Pretty simple, right? Sense we were predestined and chosen by Him before He even created the world, trust should come fairly easy after receiving revelation on that.

            Verse 13 then goes on to remind us that we trust Him after we hear the word of God and as a result of our belief we are then stamped with the seal of the Holy Spirit as owned and protected by God. This confirms that our job is to trust and believe. It isn’t our works that gets things done, it is simply our trust and belief in Him and what He says. He has made it so easy for us, truly. I feel like some would rather it be done through works because it is something they feel like they have more control over. It’s easier for the flesh to work for things rather than it is to just simply allow your heart to trust.

            My toddler doesn’t hoard her food after dinner because she knows without a doubt that I will give her more food tomorrow. It isn’t even a thought in her mind if she will eat tomorrow or not. No doubt whatsoever. She unknowingly trusts that I will feed her tomorrow with her childlike faith so she doesn’t feel the need to worry about food or take her left overs to her room incase she needs them tomorrow. We need this type of child-like knowing. We need to know that He is true to His word and we don’t need to even consider not getting fed tomorrow. We need childlike faith to have full trust and belief in Him.

            Try a meditation visual aid this week. Sit somewhere alone and close your eyes. Visualize God, a beautiful, bright, brilliant spirit being at peace and completely content, just pondering on creating the world. But before He speaks it into existence, He chooses His elect, who His predestined will be on this world. Before He speaks the world into existence He says your name, His son/daughter. Really try to visualize this and let it sink into your soul. Visualize and listen to Him saying your name. You were chosen by the Father before the world was even spoken into existence. He knew your name and knew that He would love all, but you would hold a special place in His heart because you were chosen to be His. You are His.

            I pray this will truly sink in and give us all a deep and fresh revelation of how much He loves us and how we are truly His.

            It doesn’t matter how far away you feel you might be from Him, you are His and He will celebrate and kill the fattened calf for your return (Luke 15:27).