Quick recap on verses 1-14: You were chosen by God to be His child. You were predestined by God for this specific time in age to know Him and serve Him. Your existence isn’t a coincidence. God loves you and chose you by name before He spoke the universe into existence.

            Paul continues to give thanks for those who have faith in the Lord Jesus. Paul always prays that God will grant us a spirit of wisdom and revelation ( a deep and personal insight) into the true knowledge of Him. To know Him not just know about Him. Any historian can read about Jesus, but without the revelation and the deep insights on it our relationship with Him doesn’t grow. God knows our hearts, if we desperately want to know Him and we are reading to know Him more, He will give the revelation we are needing in that moment. The only way to God is through the Son, Jesus. The more we seek Jesus and invite the Holy Spirit to teach us as we read His word, the more deep understanding in Christ we will have.

            Paul continues to pray that our very core, our soul will be flooded by the light of the Holy Spirit and know what we were called for. He prays that we will know the incredible power in us through Him. These are in accordance with the work of His mighty strength which He produced in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His own right hand in the heavenly places. He is seated far above all rule and authority and power and dominion whether angelic or human; far above any other name or title that can be conferred in this age and the one to come.

            God appointed Jesus above all things and all things in the church (His body, the fullness of Him who fills and completes all things in all believers). Jesus is above any other name, I know we have all heard this many times in worship songs; however, this is something that really needs to be absorbed in your spirit. Jesus is above any other name. He is above any other name and He is for you, because you were predestined to know Him. When this really sinks in you will see how there is no reason to ever doubt, fear or worry. The name above any other name is for you and this chapter is our proof for it.