Paul shares that gentiles are fellow heirs, of the same body and partakers of His promise in Christ through the gospel. How blessed we are to have the Holy Spirit to teach us and reveal to us the mystery that Paul speaks of regarding regarding the mysteries of Christ. We can still learn from apostles and prophets but we can learn and rely on the Holy Spirit to teach us His word. The bible isn’t meant for our minds to understand, its meant for our spirit to know through the guidance and teaching of the revelations from the Holy Spirit.

            Paul says that he became a minister according to the gift of the grace of God given to him by Gods power. Everything has a special calling from God, a gift that they are called to do more than anything else. Paul was called to be a minister and teach Gods word. Some of us might be called to minister, although not everyone will have that calling. Whether it is our specific calling or not, we should aways share the gospel and minister to others when the opportunity presents itself.

            Paul called himself the less of the least of the saints. He explains this to show his humility and also to show that he wasn’t anyone special or in high power yet God still chose Him to minister. Through Jesus, Paul had the boldness and confidence needed to minister while remaining humble and without pride. Paul was called for a mission that served a big purpose for God and because of that he asked that no-one loses heart by his tribulations that he was enduring. We will be prosecuted for following Jesus, we shouldn’t lose heart from that we should know that means that we are doing something right in honoring and serving God. Persecution can come from the obvious or it can come from the less obvious. We need to seek God and focus on Him and less on each other. We don’t need to be hyper-grace or hyper-faith, we need to be hyperJesus. When Jesus is our forefront, like Paul, we won’t care when we are persecuted we will just continue to glorify and praise God.

            Paul prays that we will be grounded in Gods love and be filled with the fullness of God. To be in the fullness of God we have to be grounded in Gods love. When we make Jesus our forefront and think/praise/worship Him all day every day; then we can’t help but be grounded in His love. When this happens, we will feel the fullness of God, His love and joy. When we receive the fullness of joy we have His supernatural peace to overcome anything but especially persecution. When we are grounded in His love and filled in His fullness, we receive His wisdom and the fruit of the Holy Spirit. When we are filled with His fullness, we know the love of God which passes knowledge. We need to focus on God, every minute of every day. We need to be God minded, where we consult Him in all that we do daily. We need to seek Him everyday, not just on Sundays. We need to seek Him and allow Him to have an amazing relationship with us, the closer we get to Him the more grounded we become in His love and the more we receive the fullness of God.